Author Guidelines

General Rules

Majalah Ilmiah Manajemen dan Bisnis (MIMB) cannot accept an article if it is not the author's original work, has been published before (conference paper could be accepted if it is has been revised so that it is significantly different), or is currently under consideration for publication in another journal.

Manuscripts should consist of 5000-7000 words (including tables, figures, and references), although manuscripts exceeding 7000 words could be considered. 

Manuscripts should be written in English and Bahasa. If you are not an English native, you are strongly advised to ask your English-speaking colleague to proofread your article.

Manuscripts should be formatted in 1 spacing, A4 paper size, 11-point Times New Roman, and saved as Word file. For more detail and  precise, authors are encourage to use Majalah Ilmiah Manajemen dan Bisnis (MIMB) Mansucript Template

Majalah Ilmiah Manajemen dan Bisnis (MIMB) only receive articles from online submission 

Specific Rules

Manuscripts submitted to Majalah Ilmiah Manajemen dan Bisnis (MIMB) should consists to parts:


Title in Title Case Format Times New Roman - 12 - Bold (Maximum 14 words)

Author name and affiliation

Author name, affiliation, and email address should be written in the article. In case of more than one author contributed to the article, those informations should be available for each author.


Abstract should be written in English. The abstract, consists of no more than 250 words, should inform the readers briefly about the manuscript’s purpose, methods, findings, and values. References are not allowed to be cited in abstract.  


Authors should provide maximum 5 keywords representing what are essentials in the article.


Introduction explains the background on particular issues and the urgency and rationalization of the activities.  In introducing the research concern, the writer should provide a clear rationale for why the problem deserves new research, placing the study in the context of current knowledge and prior theoretical and empirical work on the topic. Moreover, the novelty of the research should explained in the paragraph (Times New Roman, 11 pts, single space, justify alignment). 

Literature Review

 This section discusses the study of journals, articles, books and other relevant sources. If necessary, the formulation of hypotheses is presented in this section. The formulated hypothesis must be based on adequate logic and supported by the results of previous research. (Times New Roman, 11 pts, single space, justify alignment). 

Research  Method

In both quantitative and qualitative research, the use of appropriate methods of participants sampling, study design, measures, and statistical analysis critically influences the study’s methodological soundness. A good methodology should be clean and clear. Clean means the use of appropriate, valid, and unflawed methods of sampling and use of instruments, procedures, and analysis. Clear means the ideal method is written in a clear manner, such that another researcher could duplicate the study (Times New Roman, 11 pts, single space, justify alignment).

Result And Discussion

This section presents the results of the study that may be equipped with tables, figures (graphs), and/or diagrams (Times New Roman, 11 pts, single space, justify alignment).

Tables and figures should be placed as close to their reference point in text as possible and they should be numbered consecutively as they appear in the text. All Figures and Tables must have titles and must be referenced from within the text. We remark that, all Tables and Figures should be included in one file, and integrated into the text at the appropriate points (not in an appendix), unless there are large and interrupt the flow of the text. In this case they should be appended and numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals with a descriptive caption. Appendix should be placed at the end of your paper, after the references (Times New Roman, 11 pts, single space, justify alignment).

Avoid colour images as the journal is printed in black and white. Illustrations should be preferably included into the text as objects. They should be consecutively numbered in Arabic numerals with the heading always above the Table or Figure; they should be typed in bold font 11, single line spacing and the source beneath, also single line spacing. Please leave one line empty before and after every illustration and/or Table. (Times New Roman, 11 pts, single space, justify alignment).


In a conclusion, you summarize your findings and explain the implications of your work. Conclusion contains no new data or findings. You may also include Recommendations for improvements to the apparatus or method, or suggestions for future research on the subject at hand. (Times New Roman, 11 pts, single space, justify alignment).

Acknowledgement (If Needed)

 Collate at the end of the article before the references. List here those individuals who provided help during writing the paper (e.g., funding your research project, providing language help, writing assistance or proof reading the article, etc.) (Times New Roman, 11 pts, single space, justify alignment).


 In the references section, only include previous works that cited in the text. References should be cited in the text according to the APA reference system (, that is, use the last name of the author(s), the date of publication and, following quoted material. The reference list should include every work cited in the text. Please ensure that dates, spelling, and title used in the text are consistent with those listed in the references. Please use Reference Manager Applications like EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero, etc.