Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Kinerja Karyawan CV. Bintang Rema Utama Purwokerto


  • Dhena Ayu Cahyaningtyas Universitas Wijayakusuma Purwokerto
  • Sri Sundari Universitas Wijayakusuma Purwokerto
  • Wisnu Wijayanto Universitas Wijayakusuma Purwokerto


Work Discipline, Work Environment, Job Training, Work Supervision, Employee Performance


The purpose of this research is to find out whether there is a positive and significant influence from the variables of work discipline, work environment, job training and work supervision on the performance of CV employees. Bintang Rema Utama Purwokerto. Apart from that, it is also to test the variables that have the greatest influence on employee performance.

Based on the F test calculation, it is known that the F-count is greater than the F-table (8.289 > 2.525, so it can be concluded that the regression model is suitable for use. Then based on the t test, it is concluded that the first, second, third and fourth hypotheses are work discipline, work environment, training work and work supervision have a positive and significant effect on the performance of CV. Bintang Rema Utama Purwokerto employees. This is proven by the work discipline t-count of 4.966, the work environment t-count of 5.027, the work training t-count of 3.525 and the work supervision t-count of 7.242 greater than the t-table 1.671.

The implication in this research is that there will be more attention from CV leaders. Bintang Rema Utama Purwokerto, such as providing warnings to employees who work not according to the specified time, paying attention to air humidity levels, providing training materials that are easier to understand, supervising using performance as an object of measurement. with this, it is hoped that employee performance on CV. Bintang Rema Utama Purwokerto will experience better improvements




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Ayu Cahyaningtyas, D. ., Sundari, S., & Wijayanto, W. (2024). Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Kinerja Karyawan CV. Bintang Rema Utama Purwokerto. Majalah Imiah Manajemen Dan Bisnis, 21(1), 255 - 263. Retrieved from http://mimb.unwiku.ac.id/index.php/mimb/article/view/262

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